Roller Blinds

Why Choose Roller Blinds?

Roller Blinds are one of the most practical blinds, offering a simple, contemporary look to any room.

“Soft Raise” is the latest development for Roller Blinds. Soft Raise makes it possible for the blind to be lifted softly and steadily as if by magic, avoiding all those dangling chains. A little pull on the bottom of the blind and position can be altered up or down.

There are also a number of styles and contemporary fabrics to choose from meaning that they can be tailored to suit the furnishings and decor of any room.

The fabrics used depend on where the blind is going to be located in the home. For example, water-repellant blinds are a good idea if the blind is for use in a kitchen, cloakroom or en-suite.

Roller blinds are usually created from a wood pole or aluminum tube around which fabrics are rolled. There is an integrated component so the blinds are able to be dropped and lifted to the required level. Roller blinds are a very popular supplement or replacement to curtains.

Pros – Roller Blinds
  • Very straight forward to use — choice of control options.
  • Fantastic blackout option for bedrooms.
  • Clean Lines.
  • There are lots of different shapes available to finish the bottom of the blind.
The lower section is normally finished with an ornamental or decorative detail such as a braid.

In most cases there will be a bottom bar that will add weight to the bottom of the blind which works to straighten out the fabric.

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